The new reporting way for SAP

What is EXT4SAP ?

EXT4SAP is a port of the SAP ALV grid function into html/javascript. It use the ExtJS library 3.2 to mimic ALV functionallity with modern view and some enhancements, inside a SAPGUI Frontend window.


EXT4SAP is primary designed to render modern report with line height variable. ALV cannot permit to change the ligne height. It is not possible to write several lines of data inside 1 ALV line.
The first goal of EXT4SAP is to render a grid with all primary function of ALV + possibility to have several lines of data inside 1 grid line.

Any screenshot ?

Better than a screenshot, you can found here a live demo !
Just keep in mind this two points :

And webdynpro ?

Webdynpro allow to do report like EXT4SAP do. But you need WAS and a lot of customizing. EXT4SAP is embbed in SAP Frontend. It's plug & play and self documented. It's simpliest to use, just call the display function module with few parameters (like the REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY), and EXT4SAP report will be displayed IN the sapgui frontend.

How does it work ?

EXT4SAP is axed around 2 functions module :

The javascript part use ExtJS library and some plugins to render with the most of usefull ALV functionnality. Plugins are :

And what about EXT4SAP compatibility ?

EXT4SAP is compatible to most common SAP version, from SAP 4.6c to SAP ECC6.0.

Where to buy ?

EXT4SAP is an open source application under the GNU GPL license v3. You can download source code package ... soon ...

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